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The Misunderstood Symbol: The Confederate Battle Flag

Introduction to the flag In the annals of American history, few symbols are as instantly recognizable and controversial as the Confederate battle flag. Commonly mistaken as the ‘Confederate flag,’ this iconic emblem holds a unique place in the nation’s collective memory. In this article, we’ll delve into the history of the flag of the Army […]

What is Juneteenth

Marking the June 19 on the flag. Celebrate the historical significance of Juneteenth Juneteenth is a time to remember the significant events that led to the end of slavery and made a mark on American history. The date included on some versions of the Juneteenth flag, June 19, 1865, signifies the day when Union Troops […]

What are the Six Flags of Texas

The 6 flags of Texas are the 6 country flags that have flown over Texas. Spain (1519 to 1685; 1690 to 1821) France  (1684 to 1690 for Fort Saint Louis and 1800 to 1803 as French Louisiana) Mexico (1821 to 1835) Republic of Texas (1836 to 1845 as the Republic of Texas; since 1845 as the State of […]

Putin Gone Wild, Ukraine Flags Selling Out Earlier the Prime Minister of Canada decided to instigate “martial law” in Canada to stop protestors by force deeming him dictator and if that was not enough Putin decides to invade Ukraine on behalf of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian invasion by Russia is causing quite a stir around the nation and the world. Predictably […]

Gonzales Cannon in museum

The Cannon in the town: The Tale of Gonzales Flag

At this point, Sara Seely DeWitt and her daughter Evaline made a flag that was to become famous:  on a white cloth they painted a cannon with a lone star above it, and the words “come and take it” beneath the cannon.  It was the first Gonzales Come and Take It Flag.  

Confederate flag Banner

The Real Story of the Confederate Battle Flag

For a while the new Battle Flag was referred to as “Beauregard’s flag.” When the armies of Beauregard and Johnston combined into a new Army of Northern Virginia (March of 1862), this flag became closely associated with that force and its longtime commander, Robert E. Lee. 
It is interesting that Johnston was the one that determined the square shape of the original flag, but for the Army of Tennessee he adopted an elongated one.

Who Made The First American Flag? Uncovering the Truth Behind Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross Flag Meaning the American Flag. The claim that Betsy Ross designed the first US flag is known as fact. But who made the first American Flag? Does the recent controversy tell the truth? Update: Sometimes it is spelled Betsey Ross Flag. Yes many references actually spell it Betsey! Seven red stripes, six white […]

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