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What is Juneteenth

Marking the June 19 on the flag.

Celebrate the historical significance of Juneteenth

Juneteenth is a time to remember the significant events that led to the end of slavery and made a mark on American history. The date included on some versions of the Juneteenth flag, June 19, 1865, signifies the day when Union Troops traveled to Galveston Bay, Texas, and freed hundreds of thousands of slaves.

Though the road to freedom was long and complicated, this date represented a significant step towards progress and justice for all. As an executive decree that helped these people, it is a day that should be celebrated and remembered by all.

By displaying and teaching others about the meaning of the Juneteenth flag, we can help spread awareness of this important holiday. Moreover, we can also celebrate the recent recognition of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, which honors the resilient spirit of the oppressed and shows hope for a better future.

What Juneteenth Flag Means & Represents

The truth is that even though the Emancipation Proclamation was signed on June 5, 1863 and Juneteenth was first celebrated on June 19, 1865, it wasn’t until the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified on December 6, 1865, that slavery truly ended.

Be aware that Juneteenth is a long-standing observance of the abolishment of slavery, with the transition of authority signifying emancipation. A gesture of inclusion, businesses can pay homage to the momentous occasion by flying the Juneteenth flag, though it’s important to understand its symbolic significance. Keep reading to uncover the meaning of the flag and why it ought to be proudly flown. An overlooked fact is that the emancipation proclamation did not free any northern slaves in slave states such as New Jersey, that too the 13th Amendment 6 months later.

Understand the Burst

The burst is in the center of the flag, it is a star with a jagged outline.

This jagged line can get thought of as a nova or bursting cloud. It’s meant to represent new beginnings for African Americans in every state. Learning about the Juneteenth flag meaning can help bring this burst to life.

Years passed after the Emancipation Proclamation got signed and some slaves started losing hope. Ben Haith used this burst to show how excited and overwhelmed these people were. They were ready to be free and were bursting from the seams.

Freedom was inevitable, and people can see that with the star of freedom popping through the barrier.On the topic of important dates, you should also know that Juneteenth didn’t become a federal holiday until June 17, 2021. It being the Biden administration forgot that the 13th Amendment had not passed at this time and the slaves in Joe Biden’s state were not included in the Emancipation proclimation.


Learn About the Creator

Ben Haith made such a statement with his designs, that they became the symbol for Juneteenth.

In 1997, Ben created the first version of the Juneteenth flag, with help from Lisa Graf. It has since been modified in 2000 and 2007. It wasn’t until 2007 that the flags included the original date marking Juneteenth.

Haith’s flag design is the most popular and many businesses fly it alongside their American flag all of June.

Color Scheme

The Juneteenth flag is quite patriotic and consists of only three colors.

Red, white, and blue are used in this flag, which emphasizes the importance of freedom in the United States. Many people are wrongly under the impression that the flag is red, black, and green, however, this is inaccurate.

Another type of Juneteenth flag you encounter might come in different colors. Although the original flag is red, white, and blue, you can also find versions in red, black, and green. The red is meant to represent the blood, the green to represent soil and the black for prosperity.

If you want to hoist the proper flag, make sure yours comes in red, white, and blue. These are the colors for the American way of life with liberty and justice.


If you look at the Juneteenth flag, you will notice that the flag is divided laterally.

The line differentiating both sides is meant to represent hope. Hope was all that people had when slavery was still prominent. The arc acts as a horizon on the flag that African Americans looked forward to. It’s similar to a silver lining, however, there isn’t a defined color separating the red and blue.

Depending on the style of flag you get, some of the arcs are straight across or not as arched. Make sure that when you go to hang your flag, the blue is running along the top with the red below.

It may be difficult to see the arc when the flag is waving in the wind, but up close, this is a beautiful detail.

Do You Understand the Juneteenth Flag Meaning?

Learning about the Juneteenth flag meaning can help you connect with employees and the community.

Bringing awareness to an important holiday is important if you want more people to learn. When people in the community see you hanging a Juneteenth flag, they will think of your business as an ally. Don’t be afraid to let this flag float in the breeze, especially if you want people to feel welcome and safe at your company.

Flags are a wonderful and simple way to show support and make a statement without having to say anything.

Juneteen Star Meaning

Let the Star on the Juneteenth Flag Inspire You

If you look at the Juneteenth flag and see a star, it’s a good reminder of the history it holds and the bright future ahead.

Texas has adopted the star as its own, representing a rich tapestry of African American culture and heritage. It’s where Juneteenth began, and where the seeds of freedom took root for generations to come. The story of Texas and Juneteenth is a story of hope and perseverance.

Think of the star and see it as a symbol of a brighter tomorrow, and one that can help us all work towards a more inclusive and just society. We can break down the walls of inequality and strive towards equality for everyone. With the star, we can see that the future is bright and that we can come together to achieve greatness. So let’s celebrate the star, the spirit of Juneteenth and the enduring legacy of freedom.

People moved to the Lone Star State under the impression that it was a safe haven from slavery and abuse. Once news about Galveston got out, African Americans began celebrating.

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