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Is America Great?

An American Manifesto of Greatness.

Is America Great?

Hell Yes! Of course America is Great.

It is unique among nations. By America we mean These United states of America to be precise, it is uniquely positioned as a country and a nation and an idea that IT is run by the American people. That’s how the story goes. People, from the creator, have the innate right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Certainly that is the ideal. We want freedom from tyranny as the original Declaration of Independence stated, freedom from the tyranny of King George and the monarchy of Great Britain, the British Empire, the worlds super power circa 1776. An empire upon which the sun never set due to its omnipresence around the world which it simultaneously civilized, brutalized and barbarized.

“America” came up with the idea at the time that the people grant the power to the government. This bold manifesto and statement was not heard before and certainly never executed to any degree of longevity. Even if this statement is not fulfilled at any moment or now, the ideal as the basis of a nation, a republic, that is what makes America great. 

Is America Great?

Hell Yeah!

There are other factors behind this, revolutionaries who turn to republican ideals who forge a nation, through words, that treat everybody with equal justice under the law. People are born equal, but many endeavor to be come different throughout their lives. These words were not instantaneously produced and more than a decade of work was required to realize the words after the end of the American revolution and that became the constitution which was further modified by a list of freedoms and clarifications. They have been perverted by radical forces to become “Freedom froms”. However true America is “Freedom of” Freedom of Speech, Freedom to protect your self, freedom of your person, freedom of religion,  freedom of your home to your own use and just because the freedom was not delineated doesn’t mean you don’t have that freedom (9) and the freedom of your own state to make laws not specifically laid out at the national level. So to say freedom from government, freedom from tyranny.

Is America Great?

Some of you may sit there and dither.

Pause. Consider. You might be a regular citizen or are a patriot, an avid Trump supporter who has emblazoned themselves with Keep America Great. You are at every rally and despise CNN fight against every tyranny item liberals pose. AND YET when you are offered the question “Is America Great?” you pause and wonder and you think “It Should be. (why isn’t it) ”or maybe “It was” possibly  “It used to be” back in 19 something there was time when it was or might you even say “I am not so sure, I thought it was but something has happened. The sheen has been taken off of it and perhaps; perhaps, America is NOT Great. Perhaps America has been perverted, perhaps America has been taken over by a gang of tyranists (*) masked in socialism, masked in communism, out there running the field, being disingenuous not caring about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in fact they want to write (make into law) exactly what they think you should have, how you should behave, what correct thoughts you should have and not have, things you should like the thing you shouldn’t not like , we have so many banned words and symbols and statues these days you are shamed or de-platformed, warned of exposure to extremist talk until you comply so much so that when I ask you “Is America Great?” you stop and you think “I am not so sure anymore”. You have been punk’d by the tyranists, the evil doers, shameful people called liberals or progressives and nothing could be further from the truth. The words they call themselves Liberals or Progressives, there is not liberal thought or progressive ideas those words like the rainbow have been hijacked to describe an immoral behavior that has perverted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by ones own means.

Is America Great?

HELL YEAH! If that is not your response then what you are thinking of is not America, its anit-America.

America is that golden light upon the hill, the beacon of hope in the world, if America goes down the rest of the world goes too. 

(C) James Forte, Patriot, American, Immigrant.

The 4th of July 2021

(*) New coined word tyranists.

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