Is America Great?

Our CEO comments on this subject after a survey of friends who are ardent patriots. The USA is unique among nations. By America we mean These United state of America to be precise, it is uniquely positioned as a country and a nation and an idea that IT is run by the American people. That’s how the story goes. People, from the creator, have the innate the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Why We Will Never Stop Selling the Confederate Flag

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Flags represent ideas, past and present. The way some people attack ideas they don’t like is to attack the symbols of that idea – such as its flags. Trying to re-write history by redefining words and symbols is the trick of a despotic and rotten mind.  It has never been an effective form of argument. Every time someone proposes banning a flag, sales of that flag go through the roof. We have shipped more Confederate flags in the last few days than in all of this last year combined.

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