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Our websites are branded as , and to reflect the different customers we service.

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At US Patriot Flags, our passion for American history and heritage fuels our commitment to crafting exceptional flags. Founded by Jim Forte, a fervent enthusiast of U.S. history, we pride ourselves on our dedication to American craftsmanship. Each flag we offer is a symbol of patriotism, designed to inspire pride and honor in every fold.

Our journey began with a vision to provide high-quality, American-made flags that not only symbolize our country’s values but also support the principles of free speech and liberty. From historical banners to contemporary designs, our extensive collection celebrates the spirit of freedom that defines our nation.

We are more than a flag company; we are a community of patriots devoted to commemorating our nation’s legacy. Join us in flying a flag that stands for more than just fabric—a flag that represents the heart and soul of America.

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As a company we have been working to offer all flags in USA Made versions. You will see Made in USA if it is made in USA. Cotton flags have not been able to be found in the US. However we have any flag you want made in USA just let us know. AND YES hard working Americans demand a higher wage than foreign (Chinese) workers need so the flags are much more expensive BUT much better quality.  Example an inexpensive Trump 2024 Chinese flag is made of lightweight polyester 3×5 foo of 100D sells for $19.95 the same USA made flag is $69.95 but double the thickness and better sewing. If we don’t sell a lot of the flags they go for $70 or more for a 3×5 foot flag. We also offer larger sizes than the major US manufacturers produce as well.

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Our unique portfolio comprises three specialized websites, each catering to distinct audiences with a shared respect for quality and authenticity:

  • is dedicated to the rich tapestry of Confederate and Civil War history. It’s a tribute to the past, offering flags that represent significant chapters of American history.

  • serves commercial and government buyers, specializing in high-quality flag installations. This platform meets the stringent requirements for durability, presentation, and respect, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

  • bridges the gap between history and modern patriotism. It’s our most diverse platform, offering an extensive range of flags from economical imported options to exclusive, high-quality American-made flags.

Together, these sites embody our dedication to variety, quality, and the American spirit. Join us in celebrating freedom and heritage through our comprehensive collection of flags.

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