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Flag Flying Holidays 2023 & Half Mast instructions

The American Flag can be displayed proudly every day of the year. It’s especially fitting to fly the flag on the following holidays. Select a holiday to find out more about it. Note that every number of star flag is a valid USA Flag therefore you may fly a Betsy Ross or 48 Star American Flag any day of the year.

How to fly a flag at half mast.

Fly the U.S. flag at half-staff sunrise until sunset 12/07/2021. For U.S. flags displayed on a short staff or for indoor flags that cannot be lowered to half-staff, place a Black Mourning Ribbon above the full staffed U.S. flag.With a telescoping pole it is acceptable to put the U.S. flag on the second set of rings instead of the top set. In this case the top set would be left empty.When the United States flag is flown at half-staff, state & other flags should be removed or flown at half-staff as well.The correct procedure for displaying the flag at half-staff is to raise the flag to the top of the pole briskly, pause for a moment, and then slowly bring it down to where the top of the flag is at a position approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the pole. At the end of the day, the flag should be raised briskly to the top of the pole, then lowered slowly and ceremoniously retired for the day (unless illuminated at night).
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What if I can’t lower my flag?

If you cannot lower a flag then a mourning ribbon can be placed on the American flag.

American flags traditionally fly at half-staff as a symbol of mourning, but there are circumstances where this is inappropriate. When the length of a flagpole, the permanent attachment of a flag to a staff, or the existence of obstructions such as shrubbery or a balcony make it difficult to half staff, attaching black ribbons above a flag is an alternate mode of expressing mourning. A ribbon twice the flag length and no more than 10% the flag width should be tied in a bow above the flag and below the finial, such that the two resulting streamers correspond roughly to the flag length (see image below).

Streamer Black Mourning Ribbon
If you can’t lower your flag a ribbon the length of the flag of black color is appropriate.

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Flag Flying Holidays 2023

What Holidays do you flag the flag?

Here is a list of holidays to fly your flag. Of course you should fly your flag every day including your state flag, unless you are a federal facility your state flag is your flag.

Holiday2023Flag at Half StaffOccurrence
NEW YEAR’S DAYJanuary 1 January 1
MARTIN LUTHER KING DAYJanuary 24 Third Monday in January
INAUGURATION DAYN/A (January 20th every 4 years)
LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAYFebruary 12 February 12
PRESIDENTS’ DAY (WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY)February 21 Third Monday in February
EASTER SUNDAYApril 17 Variable linsolar date
V-E DAYMay 8 May 8
MOTHER’S DAYMay 12 Second Sunday in May
ARMED FORCES DAYMay 18 Third Saturday in May
MEMORIAL DAYMay 27Yes, until noonLast Monday in May
FLAG DAYJune 14 June 14
FATHER’S DAYJune 16 Third Sunday in June
V-J DAYAugust 10 Second Monday in August
LABOR DAYSeptember 2 First Monday in September
PATRIOT DAYSeptember 11Yes, all daySeptember 11
CONSTITUTION DAYSeptember 17 September 17
COLUMBUS DAYOctober 9 Second Monday in October
ELECTION DAYN/A (Tuesday after first Monday in November)
VETERANS DAYNovember 11 November 11
THANKSGIVING DAYNovember 28 Fourth Thursday in November
PEARL HARBOR DAYDecember 7Yes, all dayDecember 7
CHRISTMAS DAYDecember 25 December 25

Perpetual Flag Flying holiday chart.

Flag Holidays
Holiday  Date of Holiday
 Full Staff Half Staff
(sunrise to sunset)
 Half Staff

(until noon)

New Year’s Day January 1st    
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 3rd Monday in January    
Inauguration Day January 20th    
Lincoln’s Birthday February 12th    
Washington’s Birthday 3rd Monday in February    
Easter Date varies yearly    
Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May    
Peace Officers Memorial Day May 15th    
Armed Forces Day 3rd Saturday in May    
Memorial Day Last Monday in May    
Flag Day June 14th    
Father’s Day 3rd Sunday in June    
Independence Day July 4th    
Korean War Veterans Day July 27th    
Labor Day 1st Monday in September    
Patriot Day September 11th    
Constitution Day September 17th    
Gold Star Mother’s Day Last Sunday in September    
Fire Fighters Memorial Day The Sunday before or on October 9th    
Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October    
Navy Day October 27th    
Veteran’s Day November 11th    
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November    
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 7th    
Christmas Day December 25th    
State Birthdays & Holidays Dates varies state to state    
All Election Days Various Dates    


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