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What are the Six Flags of Texas

The 6 flags of Texas are the 6 country flags that have flown over Texas.

  • Spain (1519 to 1685; 1690 to 1821)
  • France  (1684 to 1690 for Fort Saint Louis and 1800 to 1803 as French Louisiana)
  • Mexico (1821 to 1835)
  • Republic of Texas (1836 to 1845 as the Republic of Texas; since 1845 as the State of Texas)
  • Confederate States of America (YES that’s a country) (1861 to 1865)
  • United States of America (1845 to 1861; 1865 to present)

Wikipedia article:

Handbook for Texas History Flags of Texas

We had a request for all the flags of Texas recently. This led me to discover the whole world of flags use in Texas. This is not that list, it is a subset of that list as there were many Auxiliary flags such as Goliad, Texas Battle Flag, Gonzales, and Alamo flags. We have tried to coral all these banners and flags into a collection. I used this page as a reference for Six Flags Of Texas Bullock Museum in Austin

Also see our Article on the Gonzales Cannon and the Gonzales Flag

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