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Putin Gone Wild, Ukraine Flags Selling Out

Earlier the Prime Minister of Canada decided to instigate “martial law” in Canada to stop protestors by force deeming him dictator and if that was not enough Putin decides to invade Ukraine on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian invasion by Russia is causing quite a stir around the nation and the world. Predictably the Ukrainian flags have flown off the shelfs and now are out of stock. Fortunately we make our own blue and yellow Ukrainian Flags made here in Florida. Buy the plain made in USA Ukraine Flags now.

If you can’t choke down the American prices we have the imported (from you know where) available as the Official Ukrainian Flag in polyester 3×5 ft. BUT SERIOUSLY buy the American made Ukraine flag.

We live in the Free State of Florida where our governor decided we are free to choose our own way and banned mandates set by the federal government and ensured the supply of medical supplies for those who need it. He opened the ports to the container ships stuck off the coast of California. Meanwhile we are all free to roam about and carry on as usual. DeSantis came out with our very own Dont Tread on Florida flags (we only have Made in USA) and we have them plus stickers and plates and shirts etc. Its easy to think everything is normal as we live here, and are very thankful that we have a very healthy and vibrant economy here.

We are doing our best to keep up with the supply of product and introducing new items. My granddaughter ships out your items to you and Emily gets those hard to find items and drop shipping orders. We have a good supply of product and shipping is normal now. If you have a suggestion for a flag or sticker or Anything email us
Managing Directory, Jim Forte Ultimate Flags LLC (runs our websites)

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