Ukraine Flag Sewn Made in USA


From: $19.95

From: $19.95
  • Made to order in USA
  • Attaches easily to any flag pole with grommets
  • Custom blue and yellow Flag made to order
  • Grommets let you attach it to any flag pole.
  • Sizes larger than 6×10 are ring and thimble
  • Outdoor commercial quality
  • 4 Rows of Stitching on the fly
  • Any flag on the site can have extra grommets added Add 2 extra grommets to any flag here.
(31 customer reviews)
Sewn Ukraine Flag
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Ready to ship. Made in USA. Sewn Stripes. Fast shipping. Exclusive to US Patriot Flags.

#standwithukraine Made of two sewn stripes of Azure Blue and Yellow. Russian invasion of Ukraine needs support fly a Ukraine flag today!

Ukraine Flag Sewn Made in USA.

This is a Ukrainian blue and yellow flag of our toughest, most durable nylon fabric. Each of the stripes is sewn to the next. The sewn feature gives it a luxurious, authentic and beautiful fee. The 12×18 inch flag is printed all others are sewn.

There is a one inch double fold around the edges, with two rows of stitching on the edges. The fly edge has four rows of stitching, and the fly end corners have additional reinforced stitching. The grommets are solid brass.

Available with a pole hem, just ask.

This is a custom sewn flag – all sizes over 6×10 are non-refundable once production on the flag has begun.

You won’t find nylon flags with higher tensile and tear strength, yet these fly very well in the wind. This flag has excellent strength retention under UV exposure, and high resistance to UV fading. The colors are deeper, brighter and last over time, due to being natively dyed and sewn.

Ukraine Flag Review Made in Usa

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31 reviews for Ukraine Flag Sewn Made in USA

    john beck
    August 15, 2023
    If it is made in use why did it say made in china
    Reply from james:
    If you received a non USA flag let support know [email protected]
    Dave Daugherty
    July 18, 2023
    Arrived on time in good condition. Material is excellent and I am happy with the purchase.
    John Dowd
    June 5, 2023
    Fast delivery, excellent quality of materials and the way it was all sewn together. Can't beat American made!
    Richard McGarrigle
    May 13, 2023
    Excellently manufactured. Beautiful 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
    Weston Black
    May 3, 2023
    I love how durable these flags are. I would recommend this to anyone out there looking to purchase flags of all sizes.
    Loren Keys
    April 28, 2023
    Beautiful colors and strong fabric looks like it will hold up well.
    Kathleen H
    April 22, 2023
    It is well-made, beautiful and strong. However, I wonder how much of my cost of the flag was donated to help the people of Ukraine. I meant to ask before I purchased. Please do so... Thanks Kathleen H
    Scott Stohl
    February 3, 2023
    Love the Ukraine flags. Excellent quality and very durable.❤️
    Susan Cary
    January 31, 2023
    Solid material, color-fast. Glad to fly it.
    Deborah Beem
    December 27, 2022
    Product is of very good quality shipment arrived quickly. Appreciate you doing business with a US made company.
    Ron Taylor
    November 1, 2022
    Excellent quality, I fly mine daily so that my neighbors can't forget what's going on over there.
    Arthur Fort
    October 13, 2022
    The small purchase of a Ukrainian flag that demonstrates my support of a European nation suffering under an unprovoked invasion by their bullying neighbor. GLORY TO UKRAINE!
    June 30, 2022
    Looks great, and we're so happy it's US made!
    Alan Levering
    May 28, 2022
    Arrived on time and the flag quality was excellent.
    Michael Kulick
    May 24, 2022
    Patty Karras
    May 20, 2022
    The flag is well made and of very good quality too. I’m glad I purchased it. I hope to do more business in the future. Thanks
    James Elacqua
    May 19, 2022
    Glenn Tiede
    May 11, 2022
    High quality product and great communication with the customer to address delays due to supply chain shortage and the huge increase in demand. I won't buy another flag anywhere else.
    Alfred Higgs
    May 11, 2022
    Great job on the flag. That’s why I order from you and recommend your company to others.
    Robert Ewers
    May 7, 2022
    The flag is made very well. Colors are bright.
    William Demiris
    May 4, 2022
    Well made in the 🇺🇸, looks great and delivered as advertised.
    Sean Mathews
    April 28, 2022
    Great quality and quick delivery. Top notch
    Wayne Hawley
    April 14, 2022
    Was good
    Donna Vetters
    April 13, 2022
    This is a great flag. Very well made. Took a bit longer than listed to come but it was worth it.
    April 12, 2022
    Exactly what I was open for Exactly what I was looking for!
    April 12, 2022
    [contact-form][contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true" /][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true" /][contact-field label="Website" type="url" /][contact-field label="Message" type="textarea" /][/contact-form]We love our Ukrainian flag. It’s bright and beautiful. Great quality.
    Clark Johnson
    April 9, 2022
    Good quality, as advertised, made in USA
    Paul Zomnir
    April 6, 2022
    Quality of the flag. I DID NOT like the cudtomer service *or should I say non-service) by your company.
    Reply from james:
    How can we help you better! We have had a trying month but have now caught up. We are supporting the fight against tyranny everywhere, sometimes we have to wipe the sweat off our hands before picking up the phone.
    John Cunningham
    March 26, 2022
    Good quality fast shipping
    Nancy Gertner
    March 25, 2022
    Flag is beautifully sewn, colors are bright, material is substantial; it currently flies outside below USA flag. Very happy with the quality of my purchase.
    Ana Lopez
    March 22, 2022
    Great quality
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