An Appeal To Heaven Flag Made in USA


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Made in USA. All sizes 12×18 inch to 20×30 feet. Exclusive Washington Cruisers, An Appeal To Heaven Flag, Pine Flag. Massachusetts.

Historical flag of the American revolution.

Complete Appeal to Heaven Collection

 Double or Single Sided Dacron. In Stock. LARGE from 12×18 inch to 15×20 feet Mississippi FLAG for sale – Outdoor. Flagpole or Boat Flag. 2×3 3×5 4×6 5×8 6×10 Jumbo 8×12 10×15 12×18 15×20 Stadium. All are available in double sided. 8×10 or larger have rope and thimble.

Add 2 extra grommets to any flag here.

Custom Made of durable and long-lasting nylon fabric and solid brass grommets, this flag lasts much longer than our Standard flag. You won’t find nylon flags with higher tensile and tear strength. It has excellent strength retention under UV exposure, and high resistance to UV fading. The colors are deep, bright, and last over time due to the aniline dye process. They have better wash-fastness and light-fastness than nylons of similar fabric construction. One inch double edge fold around flag, with four rows of stitching on the fly edge. There reinforced stitching at the top and bottom of the fly edge of the flag.

This product has the following features:

  • Durable, high-quality dacron polyester flag made to last
  • Resistant to water, UV fading and pressure
  • Includes one-inch double edge fold right around the flag to keep it in place
  • Reinforced stitching at the bottom and top of the flag
  • You can attach it easily to any flag pole

Made in USA, outdoor quality nylon printed. Durable flag.

Pine Tree Flag, Washington Cruisers Flag

In 2020 the flag is used in Christian prayer rallies across America by prayer leaders like Dutch Sheets.

This flag was used by vessels authorized by General George Washington in 1775. It is a variation of the New England Pine Tree flag. The Continental Navy was up against the greatest naval power in the world, and they set sail flying a flag with an “APPEAL TO HEAVEN.” In September 1775 the Continental Army set up two floating batteries on the Charles River in Massachusetts. The next month they opened fire on the British in Boston. In October, Washington commissioned two schooners, the Lynch and the Franklin, to cruise the Bay. Colonel Joseph Reed, Washington’s military secretary, wrote a letter on October 20th: “Please fix upon some particular color for a flag, and a signal by which our vessels may know one another. What do you think of a flag with a white ground and a tree in the middle, the motto ‘AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN’ – this is the flag of our floating batteries.” By February, 1776, there were six “armed Vessels” of the “United Colonies of North America” that had been commissioned by Washington. In April 1776, the Massachusetts council passed regulations concerning the sea service, including: “Resolved, that the uniform of the officers be green and white, and that the colors be a white flag, with a green pine tree, and the inscription, ‘An Appeal to Heaven'”.

Outdoor Commercial
Construction: Nylon Printed

These flags are custom printed and made to order. Production time may vary. We do not offer refunds on custom printed flags.

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