Canada Flag – 3×5 ft E-Poly Made in USA


Discover the unparalleled quality of our 3×5 ft Canadian Flag, crafted with durable nylon and vibrant colors that last. Perfect for any home or cottage, this flag celebrates Canada’s heritage and the legacy of Lester Pearson. Fly your Canadian pride today!

Canda Flag E poly Made in Usa
Canada Flag - 3x5 ft E-Poly Made in USA $39.95
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🍁 Proudly Canadian: 3×5 ft National Flag 🍁

Elevate your patriotic spirit with our premium-quality Canadian Flag, a testament to national pride and history. Crafted with excellence in the USA, this flag sets itself apart from the conventional, ensuring an unmatched flying experience at your cottage, lake house, or residential flagpole. Available exclusively in a 3×5 ft size, it’s the perfect symbol of Canadian heritage for any setting.

🎨 Superior Craftsmanship and Material Quality 🎨

Our flag is a masterpiece of durability and longevity, made from the highest quality nylon fabric renowned for its robust tensile and tear strength. Engineered for endurance, it features solid brass grommets that stand the test of time against all weather conditions.

  • UV Resilient: Specially treated for UV resistance, it boasts vibrant colors that remain bright and unfading under the sun, thanks to the aniline dyeing process.
  • Enhanced Durability: With a one-inch double-edge fold and four rows of stitching on the fly edge, our flag guarantees maximum resistance where it matters most. Additionally, it includes reinforced stitching at the fly corners and a robust hem for extra strength.

🍁 Lester Pearson’s Legacy: A Symbol of Unity 🍁

Embrace the rich history behind the Canadian flag, envisioned by Lester Pearson during his valiant service in World War I. As Prime Minister, his dream materialized, adopting the iconic maple leaf design that today, stands as a proud emblem of Canada’s unity, strength, and freedom.

🌟 Why Choose Our Flag? 🌟

  • Made in America: Unlike others, our flag celebrates American craftsmanship, offering you a piece of heritage built on quality.
  • Lasting Vibrancy: Dive into the depth of colors that last, crafted through a process ensuring they withstand time and weather alike.
  • Unwavering Strength: Designed to endure, it brings together durability and the symbolic essence of the Canadian spirit.

Fly It High, Fly It Proud 🍁

Discover the ideal balance of quality, heritage, and durability with our Canadian Flag. It’s more than just a flag; it’s a symbol of unity and pride, meant to be flown high and proud. Seize this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history, magnificently crafted to celebrate Canada’s legacy.

Let this flag be a beacon of your patriotism and a vivid reminder of the enduring spirit of Canada. 🇨🇦

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