Alabama Independence Cotton Flag 3×5 ft.


Alabama Independence Cotton Flag 3 X 5 Ft
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Alabama Independence Single Star Flag: A Historical Emblem 🌟

Celebrate a pivotal moment in Alabama’s history with the Alabama Independence Single Star Flag. This flag, which prominently features a lone golden star on a blue field, was flown just before and after the Alabama Secession Convention in Montgomery in January 1861. It is a symbol deeply rooted in the state’s journey towards independence.

This flag’s design closely resembles that of the Alabama Republic Flag, available for purchase on our site. Its striking similarity to the Bonnie Blue Flag, a renowned symbol of liberty and independence throughout the South, underscores its historical importance and the role it played during a critical era.

For enthusiasts and historians eager to delve deeper into the origins and legacy of this significant flag, we offer well-researched articles authored by our dedicated staff. To receive a copy of this rich historical documentation, please reach out to us via email or phone at (678) 870-5535, and choose to have it sent digitally or as a printed document.

Read the history of the Alabama Flag.

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