Old State of Mississippi Flag Economical


From: $13.95

From: $13.95
  • Buy 1 and get 1 free
  • Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides
  • Bright, fade-resistant inks
  • Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings
  • Attaches easily to any flag pole with grommets
  • Bring indoors during wind and rain
  • Designs are printed through and visible on both sides


Mississippi Flag Until 2020
Old State of Mississippi Flag Economical $13.95$79.95
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Old Mississippi Flag

Fast delivery, great service. Economical polyester.

The top stripe of this flag is a very dark blue since over time it will fade to a lighter blue.

The Mississippi Flag was adopted on February 7th, 1894. The colors of the Mississippi Flag are for the national colors, red, white, and blue the French flag. The Confederate Fag shows it was once part of the Confederacy. This flag was changed in 2021 to the new Magnolia Flag. WOKE forces caused it to be banned on Amazon, Shopify and Walmart despite its historical significance in the states history.

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Standard Quality 
Construction: Super-weave polyester
– Our most popular quality level 
– 100%  synthetic waterproof material
– Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides 
– Bright, fade-resistant inks
– Double stitched edges all around
– Fair weather outdoor display
– Grave sites, yard decorations
– Excellent for events, indoor display and theatrical use
– Seasonal decoration, home use
– Demonstrations, protests, parades

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Weight 3 oz


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