Van Dorn Flag Nylon Embroidered 3×5 ft.


Vendor unknown Search Flags by Quality Van Dorn Flag Nylon Embroidered 3 X 5 Ft
Van Dorn Flag Nylon Embroidered 3x5 ft. $49.95

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In January of 1862, Major-General Earl Van Dorn was detached from the Confederate Army of the Potomac and given command of the Confederate Trans-Mississippi District – the “Army of the West. Van Dorn had a distinctive battle flag made, consisting of a red field with a yellow crescent in the upper corner, and a distribution of thirteen stars. His original flag was edged with a yellow fringe, so many of the subsequent ones were bordered in yellow. The crescent was a symbol of Missouri, found on their state seal (representing the state at the time of it creation, with small population and little wealth, both of which would grow like a crescent moon). The first issues were made by the ladies of Guntown for the Missouri Brigade.

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