3×5 Ireland Flag 2 Ply Nylon Outdoor


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Irish flag in 600D 2 Ply durable outdoor material.

The Ireland Flag was adopted on December 26th, 1922, but the earliest known use of green, white and orange as symbolic of Irish nationalism was in 1830. Then, tricolour ribbons were worn to celebrate the French revolution of that year (the Second French Revolution).

The earliest time that we can be certain these colors were used on a flag is 1848, by the Young Ireland movement. This coincided with the third French Revolution of 1848. Records note that on March 7, 1848, Meagher addressed a crowd from the second-floor window of a building in Waterford. During this address Meagher unveiled the new flag, displaying it for the crown below. Some weeks later, at a meeting in Dublin on April 15, Meagher said, “I hope to see that flag one day waving, as our national banner.”

Green has long been associated with Ireland, the beginnings shrouded in the Gaelic mists of time. Naturally, green became identified with Irish revolutionary groups and their struggle for independence. Green also became connected with Catholics in Ireland, because they composed the largest number of Irish campaigning for independence from Protestant England, and later Great Britain.

Orange is associated with the Protestants of Ulster in the north of Ireland. This stems from British King William III of the House of Orange.

The white color is said to represent the truce and peace between the Green and the Orange. All three colors now represent an Ireland fully independent.

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