Texas Navy 1836-1839 Flag Custom-Made 2 ft x 3 ft (USA Made)


Eder Flag Texas Navy 1836-1839 Flag Custom-Made 2 ft x 3 ft (USA Made)
Texas Navy 1836-1839 Flag Custom-Made 2 ft x 3 ft (USA Made) $92.06

Custom Made-to-Order Flag, 2 ft x 3 ft, with additional zig-zag stitching rows on fly end with additional reinforced stitching on fly end corners. Please allow about two weeks before shipping as this flag will be fabricated specifically for you.

In January of 1836 the Republic of Texas purchased its first four schooners, and the Texas Navy was born. This is its first flag. On its first cruise, the Texas schooner Liberty captured the Mexican schooner Pelicano, in range of the Mexican cannons at Fort Sisal. The Pelicano’s cargo included barrels of flour, but after capture each of the barrels was found to contain 3 kegs of gunpowder, bound for the Mexican army.

In a letter describing the discovery of the powder, the captain of the Liberty wrote the following:

“My situation requires that I keep a constant lookout, and when I see the Mexican flag flying, I shall either take it or be taken. I cannot fly from a Mexican, and will not.”

Respectfully yours,
W.S. Brown
Commander Schooner Liberty

Texas armed privateers and navy vessels maintained effective control of the sea lanes along the Texas coast. This permitted supplies to arrive to Texas ports to support the Texan land forces, while denying provisions to the invading Mexican army. Sea invasion of Texas became impractical. The Texas Navy was an important factor in the San Jacinto victory, as Santa Anna’s ground forces were not able to get needed supplies. Incidentally, the gunpowder captured by the Liberty was used by Texan forces in the San Jacinto campaign.

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