Scotland Flag Fully Sewn 3×5 Nylon Made in USA


Scotland St Andrews Cross flag for sale sewn
Scotland Flag Fully Sewn 3x5 Nylon Made in USA $79.00

Made in USA This St Andrews Cross Flag fully sewn flag is a custom, made-to-order flag of tough, durable and long-lasting nylon fabric. It is fully hand-sewn. Please allow two weeks for fabrication.

This nylon has the highest tensile and tear strength of any flag you will find, with excellent strength retention under UV exposure, and high resistance to UV fading. The colors are deeper and brighter that last over time, with better wash-fastness and light-fastness than nylons of similar fabric construction. This is a sewn flag, not printed. The grommets are solid brass.

The Saint Andrew’s Cross flag of Scotland is one of the oldest national flags. The cross itself dates to at least to 12th century. This diagonal cross is also known as a saltire. Andrew was a disciple of Christ. Legend tells us that he was crucified on a cross with diagonal beams. His remains were preserved, and several hundred years later Emperor Constantine wanted to move them to his capitol. Warned by an angel of this, a monk was instructed to take them to the ends of the Earth. He traveled until he was shipwrecked in Scotland. We know that some of Andrew’s relics were taken to the town of St. Andrews in Scotland, by the Bishop of Hexham in 733 AD (Hexham Abbey is in northern England very near Hadrian’s wall, and is also dedicated to St. Andrew).

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