Pray For Israel Flag- Rough Tex 100D


Pray for Israel Flag
Pray For Israel Flag- Rough Tex 100D $19.95
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Israel USA friendship flag. Pray for Israel with the star of David a symbol of the country of Israel.

The white background has a weathered gray finish and grommets on a cotton header to fly on any flagpole.

Our exclusive Rough Tex Fabric Finish surface treatment composition is used for coating textiles and flag fabrics. It enhances the printing of designs and patterns by providing a smooth and even surface for the application of inks and dyes. By using our Rough Tex Fabric Finish, you can ensure that your textile creations will have vibrant and long-lasting colors.

The Fabric Finish not only enhances the visual appeal of the fabric but also has functional benefits. It acts as a protective layer, preserving the color of dyes and inks, reducing fading over time. This means that your printed designs will stay vibrant and eye-catching for a longer period. It is a high-quality fabric that combines durability with a soft and flowing texture. This fabric can withstand outdoor elements and remains intact even in harsh weather conditions.

Ruffin Flags takes pride in offering our exclusive Rough Tex bunting, which is used in the manufacturing of flags, banners, and bunting. With its distinct texture and superior printing capabilities, our Rough Tex bunting gives your creations a professional and polished look.

So simply someone looking for high-quality fabric for your creative projects, our Rough Tex Fabric Finish and Flag Bunting Fabric are the perfect choices. They provide the ideal combination of aesthetics and durability, ensuring that your designs stand out and withstand the test of time.

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