LSU Rebel Battle Purple and Gold Flag 3×5 Tigers


RU Flag LSU Rebel Battle Purple and Gold Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard
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LSU Fighting Tigers Rebel Flag 3 X 5 ft.

This flag is under attack! Show your tiger pride today.

Louisiana State University named their mascot the Tigers, in 1896. This flag brings honor to those confederate soldiers who defended the state against the federal intrusion. The color substitution was noticed by  Col. David F. Boyd, who had been president of the University from 1865 to 1880 and again from 1884 to 1886, returned to the University, he was rather surprised to find purple and gold as the colors. I have been told that they were not the colors, that white and blue had been chosen by him many years ago. But purple and gold had by that time established itself and nothing was ever done about it. Colonel “Dave” also liked the name, “Tigers.” I think he was one of them during the Civil War. “Doctor Coates

The Louisiana Fighting Tigers was the nickname of Wheat’s Battalion, a Confederate Zouave unit made up primarily of New Orleans dockworkers, who were said to have fought furiously at the Battle of Bull Run and throughout Virginia in the American Civil War.  LSU’s 1896 football team was nicknamed Tigers in honor of this Confederate Civil War unit, after the team went undefeated that year.  The school’s mascot eventually became the LSU Fighting Tigers, which then spread to all sports teams of the school. 

In September 2006, LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe released a statement that LSU would not ban the use of the flag on LSU’s campus due to First Amendment freedom of speech issues.  The statement also made clear that the University discouraged the use of the symbol.   

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