Gadsden Flag Nylon Double Sided Yellow Printed

From: $29.95

From: $29.95
Gadsden Flag Yellow Dont Tread on Me Double Sided Nylon Printed
Gadsden Flag Nylon Double Sided Yellow Printed $29.95$59.95

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Double Sided Gadsden Flag

This flag is available in several sizes.

First flown aboard one of the first ships in the United States Navy, the Alfred, on January 4th, 1776 making it the oldest recorded flag of the United States. It is called the “Gadsden Flag” after the designer, Colonel Christopher Gadsden who presented it to the Commodore of the new U.S. Navy, Esek Hopkins. Thus the flag is also sometimes called the “Hopkins Flag”.

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Outdoor Durable flag

  • Double sided nylon
  • Canvas header
  • 4 lines of stitching on the fly end
  • Triangle stitch on each corner
  • Brass grommets

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