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RU Flag Forrest Battle Flag - 3X5 ft. Standard
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Forest Battle Flag – 12 Stars – Indoor and fair weather outdoor use

This battle flag was used during Civil War by General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Fierce and incredibly brave in battle, Forrest was perfectly willing to be at the front of his men, leading them into the fray. Forrest was wounded eight times and had 35 horses shot out from beneath him. In one battle he charged a line of Union skirmishers, driving them off, but was wounded in the process, shot through the pelvis, with the bullet lodging near his spine. He stayed in the saddle, lifted the Union shooter by the shirt collar, and used him as a human shield to avoid more gunfire while he returned to his own men.

Issued the 13-star battle flag, Forrest shortly after began using a 12-star pattern, with the center star removed, so that when his enemies saw it they would know it was Forrest on the field: psychological warfare, and it worked. His Color-bearer, Sgt Perkings, said his commander used the 12-star battle flag to strike fear into his opponent.

Forrest was so effective that Union General Sherman once wrote to Secretary of War Stanton: “Forrest is the very devil. If we must sacrifice 10,000 lives and bankrupt the Federal Treasury, it will be worth it. There will never be peace in Tennessee till Forrest is dead.” Sherman sent four successively larger armies after Forrest; Forrest defeated each one.

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