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The Bonnie Blue Flag was an unofficial banner of the Confederate States of America at the start of the American Civil War in 1861. It now often serves as a representative banner of the southeastern United States in general.

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The Bonnie Blue is also known as the “Lone Star Flag”, and first flew over the Republic of West Florida 1810. This republic was formed by the English speaking people of southern Alabama, Mississippi, and portions of Louisiana who rebelled against the reign of Spanish government and overthrew Spain’s provincial Governor in Baton Rouge. It reappeared in 1839 with Texas’ independence from Mexico, when the Republic of Texas adopted a variation of the Lone Star for its official flag. At the outbreak of the War Between the States, the Bonnie Blue became the flag of Mississippi after it seceded from the Union. It was immortalized by a song of the same name, and next to Dixie, no other song was more popular with the Confederate soldier. The Bonnie Blue Flag became the first unofficial flag of the Secessionist movement of the Southern States.

The Burnet flag is very similar but with a yellow star. In the 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell and the film Gone with the Wind (1939), Rhett Butler names his newborn daughter “Bonnie Blue Butler” after Melanie Wilkes remarks that her eyes will be “as blue as the bonnie blue flag.

The flag has come to symbolize secession, self-governance and State Sovereignty.


Standard Quality
Construction: Super-weave polyester
– Our most popular quality level
– 100%  synthetic waterproof material
– Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides
– Bright, fade-resistant inks
– Double stitched edges all around
– Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings
– Attaches easily to any flag pole with grommets
– Fair weather outdoor display
– Light weight lets flags fly well even in light breeze
– Excellent for events, indoor display and theatrical use
– Seasonal decoration, home use
– Demonstrations, protests, parades

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Weight 4 oz


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