Rebel Flag – Confederate Battle Flag – Cotton -4×6 Ft


Ru Flag 4x6 Cotton Rebel Flag Confederate Battle Flag Cotton 4 X 6 Ft Antiqued
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Authentic Cotton Rebel Flag or Confederate Battle Flag

Confederate Naval Jack

Also known as “Confederate Flag”, “Rebel Flag”, “The Southern Cross”, “Army of Tennessee Battle Flag”, “Confederate Naval Jack”

Beautiful natural cotton flag, measuring 4 x 6 ft used for parade, light outdoor use, and indoor displays. Poles of 24 ft are ideal. Antiqued features add to the vintage feel. Applique stars are shown clearly in the photographs, some natural “tea staining” may appear. See photos that accompany description.

This confederate flag is based on the square Army of Northen Virginia designed by Robert E Lee. Also called “The Southern Cross”, “Army of Tennessee Battle Flag”, “Confederate Naval Jack

This is the most recognized of all Confederate Flags. It has one star for each member of the Confederacy with the “x” pattern (called a saltier) denoting progress and strength.

(Note; this flag also available in 3 X 5 ft Nylon printed for heavy weather outdoor use)


Premium Quality
Construction: Cotton Authentic
  • – Beautiful, full textured and striking
  • – Cotton weave looks, feels and moves properly
  • – Designs are embroidered
  • – Attaches easily to any flag pole
Note on the reverse (backs) of flags: It is standard traditional flag construction that images, words and other adornments on a flag are “backwards” when viewed from behind. It is not correct to sew two standard flags back-to-back in order for them to read the same from both directions.
– Re-enactment, historical drama
– Indoor displays, Museums
– Honor Guards, Color guards*
– Caskets,  Memorials, Funerals
– Official Uses, diplomatic display
(NOTE: Not for outdoor or wet use. *May be too heavy for long term marching use. See Nylon flags for lighter alternatives.)

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