3×5 Boogaloo Movement Flag

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(5 customer reviews)
3x5 Boogaloo Movement Flag $19.95 Original price was: $19.95.$17.95Current price is: $17.95.
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3x5 Boogaloo Movement Flag
Original price was: $19.95.Current price is: $17.95.
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New! Boogaloo Movement Flag

The Boogaloo movement is a loosely organized anti-government extremist movement in the United States. It is characterized by its belief in a coming second American Civil War, which adherents refer to as “the Boogaloo.” Boogalooers often identify themselves by wearing Hawaiian shirts and military fatigues.

The Boogaloo movement is difficult to classify ideologically, but it is generally considered to be anti-government, anti-authority, and anti-police.

The Boogaloo movement emerged in 2019 and gained prominence in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests and the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Rough Tex (C)(R) 100D fabric for longer wear
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly
  • UV block protected
  • anti-rain and anti-acid protection
  • excellent wind resistance compared to polyester

Our exclusive Rough Tex Fabric Finish surface treatment composition, coated textiles and flag fabrics, to enhance printing of designs and patterns; Fabric Finish treated to preserve color (UV Protection) dyes and inks to reduce fade; Flag Bunting Fabric that may or may not have printed patterns and designs for use in textile flag applications.

Made of durable and long-lasting Rough Tex fabric and solid brass grommets, this flag lasts much longer than our Standard flag. It has excellent strength retention under UV exposure, and high resistance to UV fading. The colors are deep, bright, and last over time due to the aniline dye process. One inch double edge fold around flag, with four rows of stitching on the fly edge. There reinforced stitching at the top and bottom of the fly edge of the flag.


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    Weight 2.7 oz

    5 reviews for 3×5 Boogaloo Movement Flag

      John Campa
      March 25, 2024
      Very awesome flag definitely worth it looks great next to my Three Percenter and Gadsden flags will surely do business with you all again. I would agree that this is absolutely hard to find so I am glad it is being offered here for anyone who wants one.
      John Campa
      February 17, 2024
      Very awesome flag which perfectly compliments my Three Percenter and Gadsden Flags and is exactly as pictured in a previous review would definitely order from here again.
      Robert Hardy
      January 9, 2024
      It was tough enough finding this flag in the first place since the govt gets to redefine as they see fit. Really happy that US Patriot Flags was offering it at a reasonable cost and good quality. I’ve got it across my front gate of my house now and it takes a beating from wind, elements, and passersby. The last flag I got from here lasted 3 years up there before it started to rip away from the ties. This flag feels of the same quality, if not a bit more sturdy, and I hope to get as many or more years out of it. #StandTogether #EatATyrant
      Peter Dixon
      December 29, 2023
      Good job !!
      3x5 Boogaloo Movement Flag photo review
      November 16, 2023
      Honestly I didn't even think this was real at first since this flag is literally the hardest flag to buy on the internet but I am very happy I could receive it! Very good quality too!
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