Louisiana Republic 2 Ply Nylon Embroidered Flag 3 x 5 ft.


Ru Flag Louisiana Republic Double Nylon Embroidered Flag 3 X 5 Ft
Louisiana Republic 2 Ply Nylon Embroidered Flag 3 x 5 ft. $67.95
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Outdoor 2 ply nylon material. Grommets. 

Louisiana seceded from the Union on the 26th of January, 1861. As one of the first seven states to secede, her representatives were present in Montgomery, Alabama, when the Confederate States of America was formed on February 8th, 1981. Three days later Louisiana adopted the flag you see above.

The committee that created the “…national flag of the State of Louisiana…” were trying to incorporate elements of their earlier flags. We can easily see the influence of the Stars and Stripes. Southerners held strongly to the roots of American independence, and the colors and design clearly show those ties. The flag also shows signs of Spain, France, and the legendary Bonnie Blue Flag.

America today is indebted to Louisiana for many things, and the textures of its people have contributed much to what we experience. This flag is a fitting symbol of that, and of the independent spirit that lives there still.

For more information on this, just let us know and we’ll send you an article by our flag historian.

Military Quality
Construction: Double Nylon Embroidered (2 ply)
– Our toughest, most beautiful flags
– Double Ply Nylon is highest rated flag construction
– Twice the thickness and stamina of any other flag
– Designs are embroidered
– Superior look and feel to printed flags
– Bright thread adds texture and weight
– Long lasting, waterproof, tear and fray resistant material 
– Double and Quad stitched edges all around
– Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings for added durability. 
– Attaches easily to any flag pole
(Designs with text read properly on the front side and backwards on the reverse (as per proper flag construction see here)
– Armed conflict, battlefields, military encampments
– Ships at sea, heavy weather, wilderness
– Permanent flag displays (all weather)
– Indoor Honor displays, memorials
– Caskets, Ambassadorial quarters

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Weight 2 oz


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