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Ultimate Flags LLC has rebranded its “Flagship” store to

Press Release


Clearwater Florida – March 1 2020 – Ultimate Flags LLC has announced that it has rebranded it’s venerable web store Ultimate Flags and rebranded it as The company has been expanding it’s website offerings which includes other store such as its World War 2 Flags store and a very popular blog for Honoring Our Confederate Values as well as another site Honoring those that serve as a blog site and stories of flags


Ultimate Flags has been operating for years under one website. in 2019 fabulous growth has spurred spin off sites that are targeted to specific audiences.  It became apparent that each site need to have its own unique branding and name. Ultimate Flags will continue to operate as the umbrella company and retire the old site.


The most popular collection are the American Flags, Trump Flags and the Confederate Flags. The inventory of flags contains unique flags that can only be found at Ultimate Flags. There are a number of custom flags that can only be found at as well.


Each site will use the email of that site plus the corporate email addresses available under [email protected]


Ultimate Flags LLC is a Florida LLC located in Belleair (Clearwater) Florida. The company is a retailer of Flags, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Caps, Bandanas, books and other assorted items.Most flags are purchased from distributors like Eder Flags the largest flag manufacture in the United States. Ultimate Flags also produces flags in China but most of its custom offerings are made in Florida USA to add to the companies Made in USA portfolio. The most popular flags are the large Trump Flags 4×6 feet and larger. The company looks forward to a very favorable sales year in 2020 especially leading into the election. Ultimate Flags is entirely US owned and operated.



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