Old Georgia Flag (1956 – 2001) Cotton 3×5 ft. Special


Old Georgia Cotton flag for sale
Old Georgia Flag (1956 - 2001) Cotton 3x5 ft. Special $69.95 $59.95

Endangered Flag. Historical US State Flag.

Old Georgia (1956 – 2001) Cotton Flag

Georgia Confederates used the Confederate Battle Flag for combat.

Before 1879, the state lacked an official state flag, though an 1861 law (during the American Civil War) required that militia units deployed outside the state be provided with regimental flags including the state coat of arms and the name of the regiment. The state code gave no information about colors. One city, Trenton, Georgia, adopted it as its city flag.

The 1956 flag: The Georgia state flag was changed Feb. 13, 1956, incorporating a Confederate battle emblem into the design, as a response to the Supreme Court rulings on desegregating schools. The original 1956 caption for this photo reads “Two Georgia Democrats, at left, Frank Etheridge and Judge Gus Roan, present a new state flag to Republicans Ray Spitler and W.B. Shartzer to take to the GOP national convention at San Francisco. Shartzer promised to display the banner with its Confederate symbol.”

“Flaggers readied for the 2002 general election, aiming not only at Barnes but also at state legislators who had voted to replace the old flag. Republican challenger Sonny Perdue made known his belief that Georgians should have a chance to vote on their state flag. He never specified which flag or flags would be on the ballot, but flaggers interpreted his comments to mean that he wanted Georgians to have a chance to vote on the 1956 flag.”

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