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Great Star Flags

One of the most sought after star patterns on American flags is the "Grand Luminary" or "Great Star" pattern, which consists of the smaller stars being arranged to form one great star on the canton.  The pattern was designed by Captain Samuel Chester Reid of the United States Navy in 1818.  The task set upon by Captain Reid was to design a pattern that would allow for increasing the number of stars on the flag, yet maintain a common distinctive pattern on the flag.  While the concept was intriguing and resulted in some of the most interesting and beautiful flags known today, the design was not officially adopted by Congress.  Great Star patterns were made from the early 19th century, and were a favorite design during the Civil War, but their use tapered off following the Civil War as the star counts began to make even the Great Star unwieldy, and they all but disappeared from manufacture by the late 19th century.

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USA 20 Star Great Star Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard

This is the 20 Star USA 1818 Flag, in the "Great Star" pattern. This flag was used when Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi were added in the Union. The...


Texas Great Luminary 28 Star US Flag Cotton 3x5

Discounts available. Authentic cotton flag with grommets. Historical US flag that was created when Texas entered the United States on December 29th, 1845, becoming the 28th state. This 28-star flag...


35 Star USA Flag Star - Great Star Flag Cotton 3 x 5 ft.

Authentic Cotton. 35 Star Great Star Union USA Flag was used from 1863-1865. The 35 stars represent the 35 states admitted to the Union at the time. The stars are...

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Great Star Flag US 20 Star Flag - Dyed Nylon - 3 x 5 ft. (USA Made)

Texas Great Star Flag- Made in America This is an American Flag 28 stars in the shop of a star This is an American made flag of our toughest, most...

On Sale $69.96
Regular Price:$79.95
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